when I was dead

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when I was dead

movie, 2009


Academic Project (HTWG-Konstanz)


How to visualize a near-death experience?


With abstract forms and a somber approach we let the narrator tell her story


Concept Development 90 Hours
Design 140 Hours
Editing 60 Hours


This over four minutes movie is the attempt to visualize the experience of a woman that was for moments dead.

With her narration on the background the team of six students tried to make her near-death experience as fluid as possible. Using ink and water to shoot, Cinema 4D for 3Ds and After Effects for the editing, the movie was able to maintain a sober and serious atmosphere.

The short-movie won Best Animation, Best Sound Design and Best Movie on the Spring 2009 Kiesel from the HTWG Konstanz, a award from the best movies done on the previous semester on the School

Stills from the movie