waste bin

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waste bin





How to raise awareness about waste management for children?


Create a sweet character that the children can empathize with.


Concept Development 160 Hours
Modeling and Lights 40 Hours
Animation and Editing 120 Hours

Project Information

The short story about a waste bin that is waiting for someone to come and feed it was part of my Master degree program Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality at the FHV University of Applied Sciences in the Winter Semester 2012/13.


target audience

Children between 8 and 14 years old.



I wanted to raise awareness among young children about separating the trash. A big percentage of people still don’t do it. Since teaching habits to people that are not already in a certain mindset is easier than changing old habits I decided to try to bring attention to this theme for children.

The goals were to communicate a simple and direct message without being too patronizing with our target audience.



Examples of styles and feeling, using a sort of “collage” to represent a possible atmosphere of approach.


character development

Concepts on how the waste bin could look like, using different forms and facial expressions.

Many different forms, with and without arms, round, tall, small…

Different emotions. The form was more defined to a short, stubby type of waste bin

Bringing colour and shadows

At this point I realized that the mouth was not necessary to convey emotions.


First storyboard, using a package (the red external drive box) to symbolize the camera position. Afterwards I realized that there were too many different shots and decided to cut down the number of perspectives to avoid confusion to my audience.


A still shot from the movie.

making-off: waste bin

A short insight on the pipeline and workflow of the project to make the short movie.