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Personal project


How to measure the amount of lives lost everyday?


Count everyone of them


Idea Development 80 Hours
Execution 24 Hours
Data preparation 35 Hours


definition: a device (as a notched rod or mechanical counter) for visibly recording or accounting especially business transactions;
a : a recorded reckoning or account (as of items or charges)<keep a daily tally of accidents>;
b : a score or point made (as in a game).

Around 24.000 children die every day of famine, but it does not make the news. In comparison to terrorism, since 2001, 8 people died every day. That is 0.03% the number of children.

I set myself to count every child that would die, in a period of 24 hours. Every 3,6 seconds I pressed a button that would measure how much pressure I applied and make a picture of me. I did not sleep, drink or eat during this period. When I heard the beep every 3.6 seconds I pressed the button.

The result is a short movie with all the pictures resulting in a 24 hours timelapse and a 2m x 1,20m poster. If I pushed the button harder, it would draw a bigger circle. If I pushed only gently, the circle would be smaller. Both the poster and timelapse were displayed in an exhibition in the HTWG-Konstanz in July 2010.