song jelly

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song jelly



Personal project


How to discover music in a novel way?


Use a mix of radio and pre-selected meta-data.


Development 120 Hours
Design 80 Hours
Marketing Research 70 Hours

Turn your iPhone into a music discovery beacon

Song Jelly is an App concept that turns your iPhone© into a music discovery device. The App has access to a databank of music that would enable the user to browse the whole catalog using some simple filters to find content that fit certain parameters.

In the beginning of 2012, Gerhard Breuss and I started to develop the concept. We wanted to offer the most complete catalog that there is taking users outside their entourage and encouraging people to discover artists that even though are not directly related could still be adequate to a certain style.

How can you offer the music from the whole world and still keep the songs in context?

We decided that using Boolean filters we could compile virtually any kind of music style. Going worldwide ensures that no matter what filter the user used we would still have hits.

The user always see the songs in context. On the right:

  • Year
  • Genre
  • Region
  • Tempo
  • Charts
  • Mood

Every music in this playlist will be songs that meet the given filter.

The search system of SongJelly works like Google, with the established iOS interface.