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HTWG Konstanz


How to make an exhibition of an international known artist with decades of works with a low budget?


Make an exhibition with cardboards on a 1:2 scale


Concept Development 140 Hours
Design 80 Hours
Excecution 160 Hours

Who was Charlotte?

Charlotte Perriand (1903-1999) is mostly known for her the years that she worked in the atelier from Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret. But she worked for over 50 years more, producing fascinating, multi-faceted and unique works.

She was a born globetrotter. In the 1940s she went to Japan, where she promoted industrial design with local culture. In the 1960s she went to Rio de Janeiro. Amazed by the nature of it’s people and the landscape she fell in love with the city. During this same time she was always in touch with Paris, mixing both influences to create distinctive pieces of design.

The heart of the exhibition was produced as a result of the research of Prof. Myriam Gautschi, that started in Rio de Janeiro and continued since 2008 with students from the University of Applied Sciences of Konstanz, which I was part.

Charlotte Perriand planned a whole apartment for her husband in Rio de Janeiro. Because of her determination to translate the different environments that she experienced this spatiality of the apartment is an astounding example of her design skills.

The exhibition reproduced those rooms in a 1:2 scale using cardboards allowing a glimpse of her work and the “resonance” between different worlds.

The exhibition traveled from Germany, to Switzerland and Brazil.

Photos from the exhibition in São Paulo