new green wave

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new green wave





Why people should/shouldn’t buy organic products?


With an info-graphic a discussion can arise, showing the pros and cons of organic food.


Research 80 Hours
Concept 30 Hours
Design 50 Hours

What is in your plate?

The organic food movement is ever growing and with companies like Wholefoods having more than 340 stores world-wide as well as more than 70.000 employees the question about consumer interest in eating organic should be on the table.

Consumers are ever aware of their consumption habits. They want to eat organic, cheap, local and in doing so be healthy. But is that truly the case?

In fall 2012 I went to explore how the whole grain and organic food movement in Europe is growing and where the hearts of shoppers are. Under the supervision of prof. Roland-Alton Scheidl, I researched market growth, farmers’ interests, governmental support, consumer consciousness as well as their concerns.

The information graphic should spark discussion and awareness between all stakeholders, including those in other countries. I tried not to advocate to any side, if there are any.

It is important that when arguing for organic food, one should always take into consideration the big picture. Pretending that local decisions in industrial countries do not affect the lives of farmers, and other citizens as well, of developing countries is more than just naive, it is dangerous.

Two versions of the graphic were prepared, one in English and one in German.

If you want to check to the german version please visit the website, or click here.

All sources are listed at the end of each graphic.