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HTWG Konstanz


How to start a dialog about gender discrimination?


By creating sculptures that change depending on your perspective


Concept Development 120 Hours
Design 80 Hours
3D Modelling 40 Hours
Editorial Design 40 Hours


In the winter of 2010, Bettina Baumann, Heidemarie Zeh and I did a communication and marketing strategies for the Equal Chances Office in the HTWG Konstanz. The office is responsible to give better and fairer opportunities for women that want to study in the university.

The manual and analysis of the up to date situation are comprised in a 120p. book. It was also our task to develop a concept for an exhibition that would take place somewhere in the campus of the university. We imagined a big typography outdoor sculptures that would show words relevant to the theme, but when observed from a different point of view would show different words. This was an invitation to change your own perspective about something. 

As of October 2011 we are waiting for resources from the university to make the exhibition.