essay about childhood

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essay about childhood



Personal project


How to talk about something you don’t remember?


Use photographs and poetry to grasp those faint memories


Photography 200 Hours
Writing 70 Hours
Editorial Design 30 Hours

Let’s talk about memories

“André is a designer, son, uncle, nephew, grandson, young, student, photographer, reader, writer, carioca (someone that is born in the most beautiful city in the world), urban, believe in people, and even maybe one day, father. He believes in humor, it tells him incontestable truths when they go out for drinking. He can say “A skunk sat on a stump. The stump thought the skunk stunk. the skunk thought the stump stunk . What stunk the skunk or the stump?” twice in ten seconds.

But he cannot remember his childhood.”

The idea for the book initiated after a talk with a professor from my University in Brazil. Professor Berliner suggested that I should make a personal project with my free time. He also recommended that I did something that was only about me, and for me. If someone else was also interested great. If not, it was an exercise for me. The slim book began with the prerogative of my childhood. The funny thing is that I do not remember, at all, anything before I was eleven years old. Except maybe for few memories that today resemble more like a 20 years old out of focus Polaroid picture. And it was based in this fistful of images that I started to photograph and write. Throughout the 80 pages of the book the reader can find my photos side by side with texts and poems that were written to make sense alone, but image and text stand much stronger when they are together.


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