bachelor project: aro is exactly your coffee. easy.

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bachelor project:

aro is exactly your coffee. easy.



own project


How to make the best coffee machine and still beat the pricing of current models?


How to offer personalised coffee, user friendly usability and a sustainbable economic model?


Development 350 Hours
Design 280 Hours
Marketing 150 Hours
Editorial Design 120 Hours


In february 2011 I started my Bachelor Project in the Konstanz University of Applied Sciences, in Germany. The project was a challenge. I wanted to do a full automated coffee machine that would make the best coffee possible, with the best usability and still cheaper than the current models in the market.

aro is a machine that:

  • recognize when a user comes, through facial recognition the machine loads the favorites setups and the user has to literally just press one button;
  • measure how much coffee beans are left, with more beans are needed they are automatically ordered through a secure Wi-Fi connection;
  • has speakers to play music via AirPlay®, but the speakers can also talk with users and for consumers that are blind this is a great advantage;
  • is global. It has a touch 9” screen interface, that allows the machine to change it’s language to the user and hide unwanted features at certain times. Also for users with vision problems the machine can change the contrast, size and colors to help the usage;
  • communicates with smart phones through the Wi-Fi connection. As an example, the user can program the machine to wake up together with the alarm from their phones and brew the coffee 10 minutes after the alarm rang.

deliver diagram of the coffee beans

The result of the project was a 200 pages manual with:

  • the research
  • expectations
  • market analysis
  • corporate identity
  • usability
  • interface
  • case studies
  • product rendering
  • materials
  • environment impact
  • cultural analysis
  • execution plan

Short presentation on the machine in german