arte da lata

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arte da lata

book, 2006


Andrea Cals


Create a photography book


Photo Editing 40 Hours
Design 40 Hours
Editorial Design 20 Hours


The book “Arte da Lata” (Art out of the Spraycan) was done in the second semester (2006) of my University in Brazil (PUC-Rio).

The photographer Andrea Cals had taken more than 1400 pictures from Graffitis in Rio de Janeiro between 2001 and 2004. Me and Thiago Martins got together to process and work all of the material. The texts from Heloísa Frossard, a well know socio journalist in Brazil, completed the photos with an analysis about the scenario that Rio was going through.

The time between post-processing and test-printing took around 4 months to complete . The result was a 100 pages book that was given to the photographer to look for an editor to publish it.